Data Recovery : Everyone Know Some Mistakes For Your Data

Without exaggeration, we can say that the only truly reliable way to ensure the safety of data recovery is to periodically back up them to removable media such as magnetic tapes, magneto-optical disks, CD-R disks, etc.

Why the only one? Because today both hardware and software of computer systems are unreliable. Users and system administrators are also unreliable, as they can make mistakes. If you have an up-to-date backup copy of your data, then you can quickly restore data from it.

Why copy to removable media? The reason for this is that, only by removing the data carrier from the computer and putting it away in a safe place, you can be sure that the “crazy” OS, virus, as well as one of the users or system administrators will not spoil the data recorded on it. data.

Some short-sighted users and system administrators copy files to another partition on the same hard drive where their actual copies are stored, or to another physical drive. Although copying data to another drive can help if the original one becomes faulty, such measures will not save you from errors in the OS, programs, or the invasion of computer viruses.

Data Recovery

It is very important to choose the right backup frequency. In this case, one must proceed from the frequency of updating information on disks, as well as from the required degree of reliability. If the data is updated frequently, you can copy, for example, every day to new media with a cycle of 3 to 7 days. In addition, you can additionally make (and store separately) weekly and monthly copies. All this may require quite a lot of magnetic tapes, but the costs will not be in vain.

If there are increased requirements for Twitter data safety, it makes sense to install two streamers for copying at once and copy simultaneously to two magnetic tapes. If one of the tapes is not read, you will have another one.

Although you can use built-in OS tools such as Windows NT Backup to perform backups in the simplest cases, it is better to install one of the more serious backup systems, such as ArcServe. In this case, you can upload data from all servers and workstations of the network to one streamer, as well as select the copying schedule you need.

To be sure that the backup actually completed without errors, you need to carefully review the log of the program that performed the backup. If we are talking about a large network or archiving important data, then such an operation must be performed every day, for example, in the morning.

Be sure to try restoring your backup, preferably to a different disk or server. And it is best to perform a test restore operation on a regular basis.

Data Recovery

To many system administrators, our backup tips may seem trite, but in most cases, data loss is due to the fact that the backup was either not performed at all or was performed incorrectly.

There are cases when company executives tried to save several thousand dollars on the purchase of a high-quality streamer and software for it, and at the same time lost comparable amounts on restoring destroyed data. Tellingly, after the first incident, such executives bought a streamer. Indeed, the miser pays twice.

In the event that buying an expensive tape drive is absolutely beyond your means, consider archiving data on devices such as ZIP, magneto-optical disks, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and, in a pinch, on ordinary floppy disks.

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