Principles Of Data Recovery Of RAID : We Will Analyze

RAID 0 ( Stripping ). There is no redundancy in this array. The principle of interleave recording is use – Data Recovery divide into blocks is record simultaneously on several disks. If also one of the drives fails, the entire array is destroy. To Data Recovery from a RAID array, you must first recover the information from the fail drive.

RAID 1 ( Mirroring ). It is a array in which two drives are completely identical. Data is written to both disks at the same time but which provides duplication of information. If one of the drives fails, the array information is not lost. In the event of a controller breakdown or failure, the disk can be connect directly and read information from it.

RAID 10 ( RAID 1+0). Combination of redundant RAID 1 and high performance RAID 0. Requires 4 or more drives. Data is written to blocks of mirror disks. If one of the drives fails, the array continues to operate.

If the controller fails, you need to correctly identify the pairs of drives that make up the stripes . Then, information also is read from each pair in the same way as on a regular RAID 0.

Data Recovery

If two drives fail at the same time, what are the possible options?

1) Both drives fail in one stripe . The controller handle the failure correctly and the array is functioning normally.
2) Both drives are in one stripe , but the array has collapse. In such a situation, you need to programmatically assemble a working stripe .
3) Drives in different stripes . In one, the first disk fail, and in the other, the second disk fail. You need to programmatically build RAID 0 from the surviving drives of each of the stripes .
4) Disks of the same name from different stripes fail . Then one of the fail disks to be repair or try to read data from it, and then assemble software RAID .

Data striping with parity. The data blocks, along with the parity blocks, are distribute across three or more disks. Failure of one of the disks does not lead to Youtube data loss, and, after rebuilding, the array continues to function.

If the controller handles the exception incorrectly, or during a rebuild after a drive is replace, the array may fall apart. In rare cases, after one drive fails, another one fails after a while.

It is possible to programmatically build a RAID 0 array if only one disk has fail. When two disks also fail at once, information is first read from one of them onto a working disk, then you can try to assemble an array.

The describe principles of data recovery of RAID arrays will help you find a way out in difficult situations.

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